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New fuel pump labeling in France

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Mon Oct 01 2018, 05:42pm

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If your off to France in the future you need to be aware of the new Fuel Pump labeling that is coming into effect. The following comes from auto.bfmtv.com translated into English

From October 12, the denominations of fuels will change in service stations: the "unleaded 95-E10" will for example be simplified to "E10" The new labeling also introduces symbols (circle, square and diamond) to distinguish gasoline, diesel and gaseous fuels. Instructions for use in this new display at the pump.

It's not just prices that change at the pump . On 12 October, petrol stations will have to apply a 2014 European directive to harmonize signage throughout the European Union and in neighboring countries (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Switzerland and Turkey, for example).

A distinctive shape for each type of fuel

For gasoline, the new harmonized name will be easily identifiable with a circle surrounding an E, associated with a figure reflecting the biofuel content:

The diesel will be recognized on its side with a square shape. Inside, a B associated with the figure also showing the biofuel content. XTL stands for synthetic diesel, which is not derived from crude oil.

Finally, the gaseous fuels will be designated by a diamond, with an "H2" for hydrogen, CNG for compressed natural gas, LPG for liquefied petroleum gas and LNG for liquefied natural gas.

The new display will be visible at the service stations "on the fuel distribution unit and on the fuel dispenser gun head". These new logos can also be found on new vehicles (mopeds, coaches and heavy-duty vehicles), in the vicinity of the fuel filler flap, in the operating manual and at dealerships, explains the presentation document for this new name.

While the French fuel distributors surveyed are well aware of this new standard, some warn that the display will not necessarily change as of October 12. The transition period could therefore continue after this date.

For a Diesel C6 I personally would go with the 'B7' with lower ethanol
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Mon Oct 01 2018, 08:43pm
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I should come across this on my way home in October it should be a short learning curve

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