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Sun Sep 09 2018, 12:18pm
Joined: Sep 06 2017
Member No: #3264
Location: UTR
Hi All,

Last week my RT3 failed. This means;
- No Radio, No Display, No Nav, No Phone, Well nothing at all actually.

I have checked the fuse on the rear of the unit and also did a soft reboot holding the DARK button. Something happens.. a little rumble but that's it. I have searched this forum extensively but cannot find if this is an easy to repair issue or a fatal fault. Second hand here in NL EUR 450,- Repair begins at EUR 300,-

Fan is working, lights are working. Display black.

It is a unit RT3 X6-N3. Anyone knows whit what units I can replace it, holding the same or improver features?

Thanks so much.
Sun Sep 09 2018, 01:30pm
Joined: Jan 19 2014
Member No: #1548
Location: Cambridge
I believe you can go for the RT4 and RT5 with a adapter harness. Do a search on here and you should find it somewhere. I was tempted to do this if I'd kept my C6.
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 Bliek73 (09 Sep : 18:57)
Sun Sep 09 2018, 03:30pm
Joined: Sep 16 2011
Member No: #624
Location: Oulu
Hi Bliek,

I think I have a second hand RT3 unit somewhere in the basement, it is from Citroen C6. Price is 130 eur + shipping, if you are interested.
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 Bliek73 (09 Sep : 16:18)
Sun Sep 09 2018, 07:07pm
Joined: Sep 06 2017
Member No: #3264
Location: UTR
Thanks Eke,
That would be great.
I found some pics on the net and this is the same as have in my car.

First on is the type and the last one it the rear side connectors.

Hopefully the same.


Mon Sep 10 2018, 02:11pm

Joined: Apr 12 2010
Member No: #86
Location: Penwortham
Might also be worth having a word with Simon (STSTech) who may be able to repair it - Click Here -
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 Bliek73 (11 Sep : 13:32)
Fri Sep 14 2018, 03:24pm
Joined: Sep 09 2011
Member No: #615
Location: Groesbeek
If your picture is correct you talk about an RT4 system with harddisk not an RT3 with CD multi player in the back. The big difference is the SCREEN interface optical (RT3) or digital (RT4).
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 Bliek73 (16 Sep : 16:09)

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