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First impressions .....?

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Sun Jul 08 2018, 03:47pm
Joined: Jul 13 2014
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Location: suffolk
Well going against advice here and others Im still trying to itch that C6 scratch

Went to have a play with one yesterday - I dropped some XM headlights to him about 10 years ago and in exchange we ( Me & Missis + him & Mrs him had a pleasant morning of coffee and biccys) and then went for a waft.

2006 125K 2.7

Love the look
Its a Cit
Love the sound

Its not a XM or BX in ride quality and Ive had plenty of these over the years

Ive been used to A6 springs ( rough car) and A6 air allroad ( posh car)

Is it just me or are they all a bit odd and disappointing when you first drive them?
Grunt was Ok but just a felt a bit "normal" and spring like

I appreciate its a bit dated internally now and the gadgets are not a patch on the allroad but erm, well its not doing it for me

I can remember sitting the cockpit of a XM estate and everything lighting up, car lifting and off it shot. Rose tinted specs perhaps or did I just try a bad'un yesterday

Mon Jul 09 2018, 08:18am
Joined: Apr 16 2012
Member No: #868
Location: Harpenden
That's a very interesting list of cars in your 'garage' - and yes I do remember the Whizzkid very fondly. It may be the car you drove was not in best fettle. Touching wood for a moment, I'll recount that I was starting to wonder about my car (I've had it since early 2011), but having had the 'belt et al replaced, a full service and a couple of other jobs completed by Robert & Co at BL Autos, the car (and its ride in particular) feels wonderful. Try another or two and then draw a conclusion.
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 mebedforduk (09 July 2018)
Mon Jul 09 2018, 10:33am
Joined: May 11 2016
Member No: #2626
Location: Stoke on Trent
Sounds like something is wrong as my C6 has a 'waft' . I have a Xantia Activa, C5 facelift and a C5 X7 (plus the C6) i've had a BX, 5 Xantia's and the C6 is the softest of them all. My mate has an Audi A6 and says the C6 ride quality is night and day compared to his car.

I did only get my C6 2 months ago, and at first even after wanting one for 13 years i was thinking what have i done? But its now my favourite car, the more i drive it the more i love it.

Compared to my C5 X7, which is silky smooth on motorways and really disconnects you from the road, at low speed it is bumpy, the C6 in comparison feels like a boat at low speeds.
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 mebedforduk (09 July 2018)
Mon Jul 09 2018, 03:04pm
Joined: Mar 20 2018
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Location: Tartu
I have owned 2 XM's and can agree on the ride comfort, XM was much more comfortable. The C6 I'm driving currently has been in our family since it was brand new, so I have some insight how it handled back in 2008 when I had my first XM.
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 mebedforduk (09 July 2018)
Mon Jul 09 2018, 08:17pm
Joined: Jul 13 2014
Member No: #1780
Location: suffolk
Thanks guys - I will see if its the same in another. But not what I was expecting

Bishop - Whizzkids, tin foil rusting things with zero road clearance and rear engine, RWD. Great fun in the wet!!
Wed Jul 18 2018, 02:30pm
Joined: Apr 09 2017
Member No: #3097
Location: Bournemouth
I'd try another. They are quite sensitive things - changing a weak battery changes the car noticeably, any sensors not doing their job properly can generate odd effects, and don't forget the car adapts to the driver. The gearbox is adaptive and the hyperactive 3 suspension adjusts to the drive and the surrounding road conditions.

I would say that the are odd on first drive - as is the C5 X7 - because they don't have the same feel as the older LHM cars. They are not quite as soft, but they do waft. Sometimes they do feel like they are steel sprung, especially if they are in sport on a smooth road. But when you get moving they are definitely a big hydraulic Citroen.
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 cruiserphil (19 July 2018) , FraserG (19 July 2018)

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