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Soon to be new C6 owner

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Wed Jun 13 2018, 07:39pm
Joined: Jun 10 2018
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Location: Coventry
Hi been reading with great interest your informative forum , and been thinking of making the leap to purchase a C6. I’ve previously owned first the Xantia which unreluctantly had to scrap loved the smoothness and engine of that car before proceeding onto the C5 mark 3 2.0 hdi which also has been a great car and very reliable for the past 4 years .
I’ve placed a deposit on one from Hartlepool and can’t wait to pick it up , it’s just having a new mot and the guy from the garage has just informed me there was a leak from suspension sphere which has been going onto a suspension gaiter and all is being rectified; I’m not that mechanically minded but can still do diy jobs . Anyway I wonder if there is a specialist Citroen specialist in or around the Coventry area , I’ve already got it in my head to have a rainy day fund when things go wrong thanks for reading
Thu Jun 14 2018, 02:07am
Joined: Jan 05 2015
Member No: #2011
Location: Auckland
Good luck. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the C6 is very different to the Xantia and C5. Mind you the Xantia and C5 are very different from each other!

The C6 if you only knew it from reading this website, would sound like a daunting car to own. The reality is that as long as it is serviced and maintained properly, it is quite exceptional. Every drive I take in mine is special, partly because the car is unlike anything else on the road. Driving my old DS was similar but they are so much more common!

It's a pity we don't share more special driving experiences in our C6's on this website rather than just sharing the problems.

Enjoy your new car.
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Thu Jun 14 2018, 01:34pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
robskiing wrote ...

it’s just having a new mot and the guy from the garage has just informed me there was a leak from suspension sphere which has been going onto a suspension gaiter and all is being rectified;

Hmm it'd likely to be the Front Suspension Cylinder Sphere (basically the suspension leg/shocker) which is a fairly common issue as the cars get older and there's several threads on it and not the actual round green sphere so it gets a bit confusing on the terminology.

If you look in from under the wheel arch you can see the belows that the oil ends up on.
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 robskiing (14 Jun : 19:27)
Thu Jun 14 2018, 04:50pm
Joined: May 11 2016
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Location: Stoke on Trent
That rainy day fund will be very important. I've had my C6 less than 2 months and i've already spent £2500 on fixing things. Common issues with the 2.7, coupled with doing the cam belt while they are that deep in the engine and tyres, but still would have been nicer to have these things spread out instead of hitting me at once. Still an amazing car and intent to keep for a very long time hope you enjoy yours, and be prepared to be stared at, freaked me out when i first got the C6 people would look at me with the what the hell is that look.
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 robskiing (14 Jun : 19:27)
Thu Jun 14 2018, 07:36pm
Joined: Jun 10 2018
Member No: #3555
Location: Coventry
I’ve read the replies I think most vehicles get to a certain point in their lives when money has to be spent on them and more routine maintenance and servicing to keep them from the scrapyard in the sky , but what is the breaking point when they keep going wrong ? I suppose that is up to the individual and how deep are your pockets . But I have factored in the high road tax and routine servicing and when the unfortunate happens it’s just finding a garage that still loves these vehicles as much as us I will not use the local dealer .
Hopefully I can attempt to do one or two minor servicing jobs myself and leave the technical stuff such as spheres and changing cam belts to a well sourced garage

Wed Jun 20 2018, 01:04pm
Joined: Jul 29 2016
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Location: Castleford, West Yorkshire

I think that part of it is the proverbial 'Commentator's Curse'...and not wishing to tempt fate..!

I don't think you'll be disappointed..Oops, what have I said...?

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 FraserG (21 Jun : 00:17)
Sat Jun 23 2018, 06:19pm
Joined: Jun 10 2018
Member No: #3555
Location: Coventry
Been to pick up my car great drive back on the motorways but noticed when I slowed down and was on A roads the car was feeling every bump and pot hole and it was transmitted through the vehicle found it very worrying . Was thinking maybe the adaptive suspension didn’t pick up on my lower speed and did not raise itself to the normal position any ideas anyone

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