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2.7 HDI hesitation (not sure if its correct word)

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Fri Jul 06 2018, 09:25pm
Joined: Sep 09 2011
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Location: Dublin
Question: what is this? Its leaking fuel. Part no? Its under/behind the intake Y, above the thermo housing.

[br wrote

EDIT: Its part no. 1574E8. It seems I need to change the whole piping :/

Hi joopajaa,
well done is noticing the leak, that brittle pipe/connection gets very brittle over time and leaks fuel intially very slowly, but then gets worse! Your best bet is replacing the injector pipes as well. I have mine bought, but no leak as yet, but I'm checking just in case. E3steve mentioned it on the forum if I remember well this issue along with the vacuum pipes for the manifold that run across the top of the engine as well.

Mon Aug 06 2018, 08:52am
Joined: Sep 06 2017
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Location: Byroslavia, FIN
Comment on this after the belt change: My front intake was quite loose. I had to tighten 2 lugs near the belt side. Not sure yet if this has any affect but I think there was some leaking going on because of this. So check your intakes!

Also it seems my fix with sikaflex-type adhesive + split silicon hose over the piping near Y-part has stopped the leak.
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 321dave (07 Aug : 15:32)
Tue Sep 04 2018, 09:37am
Joined: Sep 06 2017
Member No: #3261
Location: Byroslavia, FIN
Any ideas on this? I did not find visually any leaks from intake, did not had a change to try with compressed air yet. I still have the off-balance with intake air readings.
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