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Help needed for identifying front bumper parts

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Mon Apr 16 2018, 08:31am
Joined: Dec 14 2014
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Location: Auckland
A long story short, just got the car back from the panelbeater after getting work done on the front right bumper area - the damage was from running over a labrador on motorway, ripping off the front wheel liner, spoiler and parts of undertray.

Unfortunately, the panelbeater either forgot to order all the parts and parts people didn't send them (my guess is they didn't order).

I ran through the parts catalogue but not entirely sure which parts are missing.
Figure A:

Figure B:

A couple of photos of the front end.

The front centre section - I think there is something missing, as there are two tabs on the bumper, then a big gap until there is an undertray.

The front right section - there is a short spoiler section missing, which is most obvious with two brand new nutplates showing.

The front left section, as a comparison.

To me, the missing parts are parts of Front Frame, Item 6 (7104 Y2) - but item 6 doesn't seem to break down into lower assemblies like they are shown in the photos.

So, I'm thinking at least the parts shown in red & blue are missing per below but still it looks like there are bits missing - not sure if it's the other configuration undertray (i.e. EURO 5 emission)

What are your thoughts and what part numbers should I order?
My thinking is that the panelbeater didn't order the undertray Item 6 and transplanted the old LH short spoiler section to the old undertray and the new bumper, which was how they managed to screw up.

Thanks in advance.
Tue Apr 24 2018, 12:32pm
Joined: Sep 09 2011
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Location: Dublin
Hi Sam,
sorry nobody replied back sooner. To the best of my knowledge that is all, it just has a great big gap just in front of the lower bumper support. I remember thinking it was a bit odd, but that is it i'm afraid.

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