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Top Gear review

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Mon Jul 10 2017, 06:38pm
Joined: Jun 08 2017
Member No: #3172
Location: Enfield
I'm sure it has been discussed before on this forum, (couldn't find it via a search though), but the Top Gear review of the C6 was repeated on Dave tonight (no doubt for the umpteenth time).

I remembered the whole filming the horse racing piece, but had forgotten that Clarkson said it cornered rather well and that it ended up in the sub-zero section of the Cool Wall.

In another episode I saw recently, they were discussing what makes a car a future classic. They came up with it needing to be at least two of the following three things: rare, interesting & beautiful. Surely we must have at the very least the first two of those, and us enthusiasts would say all three !
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 e3steve (14 July 2017)
Mon Jul 10 2017, 08:35pm
Joined: Aug 10 2015
Member No: #2287
Location: Chester
From my personal experience, the C6 is like marmite - when people see mine, they either think it is absolutely beautiful or they think it is absolutely vile - I'm yet to meet somebody who is in between.
Mon Jul 10 2017, 09:05pm
Joined: Jan 05 2015
Member No: #2011
Location: Auckland
I like Marmite.

I have to say that all my friends tell me how wonderful they think my C6 is although I'm sure they would all be far to cautious to own one. Luckily low demand meant that I could get to own one of the seven sold new in New Zealand. There are of course quite a few imported from Japan now second hand but they are pretty much all the 3.0 petrol cars and mine is the 2.7 diesel.
Tue Jul 11 2017, 04:14pm
Joined: Feb 07 2017
Member No: #2994
Location: West London
I always get the brave, nice car response. I say brave because they would never consider one. Doesn't bother me.
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 Ciaran (11 July 2017) , FraserG (11 July 2017)
Tue Jul 11 2017, 07:07pm
Joined: Mar 31 2017
Member No: #3087
Location: .
I've had nothing but positive comments, ranging from plain 'nice car' to 'Oh wow this is almost Rolls Royce like!' and bewildered 'What is it??' - well used to that one with the XMs.

Occasionally they'll qualify it further, as one commenter did yesterday;
'Wow that's a gorgeous car, what is it?'
'A Citroen C6'
'That's a Citroen.... really??!'

Not met anyone who hates it yet but thats not to say they don't exist.

Seems there's a lot of disbelief that a car like this could possibly come from the same brand that's generally seen as high volume, value for money, middle of the road stuff. It was a bit different with the XM, CX and DS where the rest of the general Citroen range wasn't quite as distanced from the flagship car as it seems to be these days.

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 321dave (11 July 2017) , FraserG (11 July 2017)
Wed Jul 12 2017, 03:58pm
Joined: Apr 03 2016
Member No: #2584
Location: Kildare
I'd a good one recently when I came out of a shop to see two gentlemen admiring my car. One said to me "I knew Citroen could make decent cars, not just the [%*^#@!] they usually sell!"
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 Ciaran (12 July 2017) , FraserG (12 July 2017) , cruiserphil (19 July 2017) , eduardomaio (04 November 2017)

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