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David Hallworth   
Sat Jun 10 2017, 10:12PM

Joined: Apr 16 2010
Member No: #90
Location: Glasgow
3.0 HDI specific, but C5, not C6!

I was in Glasgow tonight for a meal and ended up parking in a small space on one of the steepest streets in the city... The C5 has a handy feature on it where it'll measure a parking space and tell you if the car will fit! Gimmic really but it always impresses passengers! When leaving the space I was gently left foot braking whilst taking up the drive so that it didn't roll back as the car behind had parked very close.

Everything was fine at the time but about 5 minutes later when gently braking down a hill to a set of traffic lights, the car chimed 3 times and there was an anti-pollution fault on the screen.

We drove home and everything seemed fine, performance was still great, bags of power when required and everything felt perfect.

I woke Diagbox up when I got home and had a look at the car. There were 4 faults stored in the Injection ECU.

P2299 - Accelerator Pedal Sensor
P2173 - Mixer Butterfly
P2175 - Mixer Butterfly
P1490 - Particle Filter

Recently the car has flashed up "Risk of DPF Clogging" a few times but it instantly disappears and it's never caused any restrictions. The other 3 faults are new and I've never seen them before.

I've cleared all of the faults and will use it for a while and see if anything comes back.

Anybody ever experienced anything similar?


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