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Any Thoughts of A Meeting on the Continent ?

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Author Post
Fri May 26 2017, 08:20pm
Joined: Feb 24 2016
Member No: #2532
Location: Copenhagen
Hi everybody,

Just a quick idea: Why don't we plan a huge C6 - meeting and convoy in Spring/Summer 2018; perhaps in Scandinavia or northern Europe; Holland/Belgium/Germany - or should it rather be home in France?

Let me hear if anyone is interested?
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 nirgunapa (10 June 2017)
Sun May 28 2017, 06:16pm
Joined: Oct 18 2015
Member No: #2370
Location: Copenhagen
Great idea. I'm in
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 MikkelCPH (28 May 2017)
Sun May 28 2017, 10:27pm
Joined: Mar 13 2016
Member No: #2551
Location: Copenhagen
me too
Fri Jun 09 2017, 06:47pm
Joined: Oct 31 2016
Member No: #2842
Location: Plombieres les Bains
Great idea, I'm in!
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 MikkelCPH (09 June 2017)
Fri Jun 09 2017, 09:45pm
Joined: Feb 07 2017
Member No: #2994
Location: West London
I am interested too, always fancied a car trip across the water
Mon Jun 12 2017, 09:44pm
Joined: Jun 19 2015
Member No: #2222
Location: Sussex
We could meet up with the French C6 owner club. They seem to have frequent popular get-togethers.
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 MikkelCPH (13 June 2017)
Tue Jun 13 2017, 11:59am
Joined: Aug 25 2015
Member No: #2303
Location: NW Essex
I'm interested
Tue Jun 13 2017, 06:31pm
Joined: Jun 15 2016
Member No: #2672
Location: Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
Definitely if in France, Belgium or Holland
Sat Oct 07 2017, 09:01pm
Joined: Apr 09 2017
Member No: #3097
Location: Bournemouth
Hi Mikkel,

I think the idea is a good one. If my plans hadn't changed I would have suggested meeting up with you after 'Dinner for One' and the fireworks in Copenhagen to discuss this. Unfortunately I haven't got enough holiday so would be flying out to Denmark after work on the 29th December and returning to the UK on the 1st January ready for work on the 2nd.

The French C6 club have just done their annual run, to where I was two weeks before them! Perigord is a fabulous place but a long way for many people, especially anyone from a Viking country!

Personally I'd like to do France: factory visit to Rennes; visit the museum and Champs Elysées store in Paris; run down to the Milleau Bridge; trip around Le Mans circuit. I know of a hotel near St Malo that could arrange Calvados tastings and picnics. Cognac is worth a visit, the country side around offers some good views and photogenic backdrops. Meukow have a restaurant and a very pretty HQ that could provide some interest.

That said, the west coast of Denmark has some good sky and scenery..... maybe the next Lego classic car could be the C6?!?!

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 MikkelCPH (08 October 2017)
Sun Oct 08 2017, 01:30pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
Member No: #1
Location: Northumberland
Just back in the UK from France and I already have a trip booked to Italy in 2018

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