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Rally 2017

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Thu Apr 06 2017, 05:10pm

Joined: Apr 12 2010
Member No: #86
Location: Penwortham
As some of you will have seen from a post on Facebook, Simon Farmer has asked about the chances of having another one this year. Whilst both David and I, love the idea of a good old chin wag about C6's........ what do you think?

We learnt lesson's from the one we did in 2015, and those will be improved upon. So some questions:

1. Do we make this an annual event? or do you want to leave it until 2020?
2. One day or a weekend?
3. Venue with something else to do (like Cosford) or a field?
4. Do we move the location each year? Scotland, Wales, England (North, Midlands, South) or even Ireland?
5. Do you want an arena to talk about your cars?
6. Do you want to see a dealer there selling C6's?

It's your forum, tell us what your thoughts are.......
David Hallworth   
Thu Apr 06 2017, 05:24pm

Joined: Apr 16 2010
Member No: #90
Location: Glasgow
Here's my thoughts:

1. I personally think making a C6 event annually would be to much, every 2 or 3 years might be better.

2. For me personally it would need to be a weekend event as anything is likely to be to far for me to do in a day and back from Glasgow. Locals don't need to attend on multiple days though

3. Cosford was a great venue as there was something to do so personally I'd rather an event at a venue. If a field was the preferred option, I can supply a field in Glasgow!!

4. Moving the location is a good idea as it gives people in different areas who won't or can't travel to an event the chance to attend. For people in Scotland anything is a long way, especially from the north of Scotland!!

5. I'm not a fan of an arena for speaking publicly about your car. If there's enough call for it I'll support it but I don't want to take part

6. I'm not to fussed about this but it needs to be a dealer who is recognised and has a reputation for good cars, I don't want to be associated with a dealer who is selling cars needing a lot of work for top money!

That's just my 2p worth. Hopefully others can chip in and we can get an idea of what everyone wants.

If an event in 2017 is to soon for people to get time off work or make travel arrangements then summer 2018 is also an alternative as these things can take time and planning if you're not local

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 Trainman (07 April 2017)
Fri Apr 07 2017, 09:00am
Joined: Feb 08 2015
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Location: Bicester
I think the event should be bi annual. It should be geographically central in location. It should be a full weekend event. Therefore my suggestion is as follows. Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September at the Lakeland Motor Museum in the Lake District. They have the museum, catering and hardstanding and all in a beautiful part of the country that is almost exactly geographically central. What's not to like? As for event specifics, well it needs to be interactive. If I want to just look at lines of cars I'll go to my local Tesco car park. Lol!
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 Trainman (07 April 2017) , David Hallworth (10 April 2017)

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