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2007/9 C6 extras Clamps?

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Wed Feb 22 2017, 02:49am
Joined: Feb 14 2017
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I have bought a 2009 C6 Exclusive ( build date 2007) Citroen UK advise that this car had two extras listed. First item was Lounge Pack which I understand to be TGV seats in rear and possible upgraded sound system. The second item is just described as Clamps. Does anyone know what these Clamps refer to?

Thanks for your help.
Sun Feb 26 2017, 02:05pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
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Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Hi there,

My C6 has those options too.

Extract from the factory build sheet for my car shows
"Code Description
HN01 Clamps
ZB13 Lounge Pack"

Then, from other information I have access to

"Transportation Hook HN01 SO (SYSTEMATIC OPTIONS)"

So, it would appear the clamps are a transportation hook and provided to all UK cars, hence the systematic option reference, rather than a customer chosen option that would have been listed in the brochure.
I not sure what the transportation hook is, it may be the towing hook that's provided with the spare wheel & jack kit, which screws into the front or rear bumper (access behind a small plastic panel).

For the UK, the upgraded hifi was fitted to all Exclusive C6, as it came as part of the sat nav system. This was optional on Lignage & bas models.

If you send me your VIN, I'll get you the full build sheet.

Hope that helps.

Different markets have different specifications,

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 GTBAML (27 February 2017)
Mon Feb 27 2017, 04:17am
Joined: Feb 14 2017
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Many thanks for your reply.

I would be very grateful if you could obtain a build sheet.

My car details are :

Reg. no. GJ59DYU, Vin no.VF7TDUHZJ78014566
Mon Feb 27 2017, 12:16pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
Member No: #320
Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Information sent as a pdf attachment to your C6 Owners inbox.

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