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Sun Jul 17 2016, 10:35am
Joined: Aug 31 2014
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Location: CREWKERNE somerset
on my C6 neither of my rear view mirrors would index or dip in reverse

I had error codes on both driver and passenger door electronics in diagbox!

error code CC02 Mechanism sensors input fault on mirror : Open circuit

So i decided to attempt a repair first remove the mirror glass then undo the three t20 torx screws holding mirror motor unit in see picture

carefully remove it and unplug it

then carefully remove the back cover to expose the pcb

now you need to unsolder the 4 motor connectors

then at fron edge of pcb is a little black tab see pic carefully snap the top of with a small screwdriver

then remove the pcb

with the pcb printed side down test for resistance between the top 2 pins on each
of the potentiometers should be around 2.5 to 3 k ohms

next locate the worm drive gear and working at the end where the gear meshes with the mirror motors carefully pop it out see pic

then use either switch cleaner or meths and tip some on the carbon track then slide the potentiometer slider back and forth a few times

next pop the worm gear back in by inserting the end opposite the gear then pop back in carefully (note mark the position of the potentiometer sliders before removing and refitting)

then with the pcb with the potentiometers facing you check the resistance of the outer pins each side read the correct resistance around 3k ohms

then job done

next replace pcb noting the tab you broke off earlier hold the pcb tight to the motor unit and melt the tab so the pcb locks in place then solder the 4 motor connections back

next refit the back cover carefully and refit the 8 pin plug and pull its gaitor over the rear socket

then refit the motor unit back to the vehicles door mirror with the 3 torx screws

refit the mirror

then run a test by ecu or global test and like mine the faults didnt need clearing they had gone !

job done

just go and memorise indexing position and your own personal memory settings
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Sun Jul 17 2016, 10:39am
Joined: Aug 31 2014
Member No: #1845
Location: CREWKERNE somerset
i cant seem to edit this post to add pictures ????
Sat Aug 06 2016, 08:18am
Joined: Jan 21 2013
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
ststech wrote ...

i cant seem to edit this post to add pictures ????
I saved this thread that you posted on FB, Simon! Cool bananas!!

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