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ABS/ASR fault message with handbrake fault message following

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Tue Jun 21 2016, 05:31pm
Joined: Jul 03 2015
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Location: Birmingham
I just thought I would share my recent experience with an intermittent fault message, I started to get occasional 'ABS/ASR system faulty' message displayed on the dash of my 2008 2.7 Lignage, after a few hundred yards another message appeared 'Handbrake faulty' with the handbrake actually refusing to work, I used to reset it by turning the ignition off then on again. I read the forum posts and deduced from similar posts it was going to be a rear ABS sensor because the handbrake is related to this system, I bought one but because they are such a pain to change I took my car to a local independent Citroen specialist in Stirchley, Birmingham to put it on their machine to tell me which was the exact faulty part, they were most helpful and their labour rates are less than half what the main dealer charges, they diagnosed it as the front nearside ABS sensor intermittent fault, there you go, so I had to buy a front one, it turned out to be an absolute pain to get out, I had to break it off and dig it out bit by bit because it was held in by a lot of rust. I am pleased to say the new sensor has cured the problem.
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Sat Oct 08 2016, 01:20pm
Joined: Jan 19 2015
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Location: London
Thanks Bob, I've had the same thing recently, but in my case (assuming mechanic is not telling porkies) it was actually the lower roller bearing that was setting off the ABS fault code. That was only after replacing the ABS sensors on both sides (which now of course, I am left wondering whether was necessary).
Sat Dec 17 2016, 04:31pm
Joined: Jun 18 2013
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Location: Surrey
I had a problem with the Handbrake/ABS warning lights coming on for no apparent reason when I started the car. I reckoned that it might be because I hardly ever put on the handbrake when parking. "If you don't use it you lose it"!

Anyway, I put on the handbrake for a while every time I parked and the problem went away, never to return. I now put on the handbrake every now and again when I remember.

I might be worth trying this before spending any money.
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