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Probably the most famous C6 in the world?

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Fri Dec 04 2015, 10:50pm
Joined: Apr 18 2012
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Location: Lisbon
Jalopnik test drives what is probably the most famous C6 in the world, a green 2.7 HDi that is in the USA, the only one.

- Click Here -

Alongside another quirky car, a Fisker Karma. Nice to see the reaction when driving the C6.
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Sat Dec 05 2015, 12:28pm
Joined: Feb 09 2010
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Location: Oxford
I'm American born, living in England for 50 years, and a C6 owner. My USA visitors find my C6 weird but wonderful. That's precisely what it is.
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 cruiserphil (06 December 2015)
Sat Dec 05 2015, 07:49pm
Joined: Sep 13 2012
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Location: Coventry, Warwickshire
A great video, I liked both cars, but I'm a weirdo anyway.
Sat Dec 05 2015, 08:04pm
Joined: Jan 21 2013
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
magicands wrote ...

A great video, I liked both cars, but I'm a weirdo anyway.
The Charlatans recorded a song about peeps like you & me...
David K   
Mon Dec 07 2015, 10:22pm
Joined: Jan 30 2010
Member No: #42
Location: Scania
Great video!
Have only read about this American C6 before but not seen any video.

I remember when I drove a colleague from the US in my C6 1 and a half year ago. He is a car enthusiast and drives BMW back home in the sates. But he was mighty impressed of the C6 and wanted to import one to Texas. But he gave that up pretty quickly after facing the fact that it was more than impossible to do during to American laws and bureaucracy. But he really loved the car and especially the handling.
Fri Dec 11 2015, 09:55am
Joined: Sep 09 2011
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Location: Groesbeek
here my C6 in sunny California in 2006

Fri Dec 18 2015, 12:23am
Joined: Apr 18 2012
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Location: Lisbon
Awesome, did it go from the Netherlands directly to the USA via ship?
Fri Dec 18 2015, 09:09am
Joined: Jun 28 2011
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Location: bryon bay
MR ANDREsmcxxmc6, would it be possible for you to post how you were able to drive your c6
in the states, as in import regulations for a tourist etc.
I do like your style in cruising around there in the c6,plus would you have anymore photos of your time there.
regards ..ausxm.
Fri Dec 18 2015, 06:09pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
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Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Back in 2002 I attended the International Citroen Car Club Rally (ICCCR) in Massachusetts.
At that time, as a tourist, you could take your personal car to the USA for up to a year and use it.
Several people from the UK did exactly that, going on road trips after the ICCCR weekend.

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