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C6 Roccastrada 18" alloy wheel colour paint code

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Tue Aug 18 2015, 09:56pm
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Couldn't find any information anywhere about what the colour code is for the 18" Roccastrada alloy wheels fitted to most Citroen C6 - probably 90% of C6 have this wheel.

My local Citroen dealer informed me (as I waited at the parts desk) that the colour is not defined in the parts list for the car.

Turns out that it is EVT grey. So I purchased myself this:
- Click Here -
which is titled "Spray Paint CITROEN EVT GREY POUR JANTES Aerosol + Lacquer"
("pour jantes" being "for wheels"). This is a Peugeot colour as well, of course.

I did some spot repairs to my wheels. Big improvement. Once lacquered the blend is almost impercetible. Basically I masked off the tyres and then sprayed - not masking on the wheel at all, just blending slightly. Then lacquering.

I much prefer spraying to touch up pen/brush. You may need to use filler of some kind and metal etch primer.

I hope that this is useful info.


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Wed Aug 19 2015, 07:46am

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Mark you didn't look very hard as the colour code has been on site since 2009: - Click Here -
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Wed Sep 09 2015, 12:44pm
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I can assure that I looked very hard for quite some time.

Good to see that the paint code is listed on the site.

Any chance that you could update that page to state:

Roccastrada Alloy Wheel Paint Code: EVT (lacquered) (grey metallic enamel)

The changes might help people find it via searches.


Sat Mar 20 2021, 03:45pm
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Location: Surrey
Just to pick up on this... my car has the Rivazza alloys and I'm about to have them refurbished and repainted. I'm assuming that they left the factory in EVT paint colour - same as the Roccastradas... Unless anyone knows otherwise?

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