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The 3.0 HDi's 2nd Annual Service (for me)

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Wed Nov 13 2013, 07:22pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Our C6 3.0 HDi does less than 'average' mileage so I always opt for an annual service to replace the oil and filters and to have the car thoroughly checked over.

The 'grille screen' and winter tyres went back on on Tuesday in time for the MOT today (still 8mm of tread on them) which the car passed with the usual Brake pad advisories - MOT said 75% worn - that was carried out before we had the car serviced today and that report said 50% worn, so who to believe?

Well both were done at the same Citroen dealership! - Click Here -

As the car is 4 years old I also had the brake fluid changed during the service plus had the onboard fault log checked.

I was given a top of the range DS3 as a Courtesy car for the day (1,000 miles on the clock) and the total bill came to.... £163.42 including the parts and Vat.

Who said Citroen Dealers were expensive?
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 smihaialex (13 November 2013)
Fri Nov 15 2013, 08:44pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
OK so yesterday we went down to Birmingham, running on Michelin Alpina winter tyres (8mm tread on all 4) grille screen on, and with the tank brimmed with Shell V Power Nitro+ Diesel.

221 miles (355 Kms) at an average 55 mph gave us 42.8 mpg (6.6 ltr/Km) which is the best I have ever had from a C6 and the car really did 'purr' all the way.

The return run tonight in heavy traffic with quite a bit stop start driving, only dropped that average to 42.2 mpg
Sat Nov 16 2013, 08:12pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
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Location: Bergen
I have the same experience: Best result is 0.57, more usual 0,6something on my quite frequent 500km trip over the Norw mountains (60-100 km/t). Fantastic engine ! Shell V-Power Diesel and Mobil 1 ESP oil. Waiting for the bill for my 50 000km service, but think it will be kind...

After the service suspension became softer over humps, even more DS-like floating(AMVAR updated ??), and gearshifts a little bit smoother but not so easy to kickodown (new oil and relearning ?)

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