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Would the C6 have sold in higher numbers if they had produced the original 'Lignage ' concept'

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Wed Jun 26 2013, 07:36am

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dsharples wrote ...

I like the hydraulics - the're why I've driven Citroens for 22 years - but don't believe they are quite as well refined/developed on the C6 as they should be - or it could just be they need tuning for the UK's roads - which should be perfectly possible......

Hydractive 1st appeared in May 1989 on the XM, was upgraded to Hydractive 2 in March 93 and I'm sure that I read somewhere that the last 400 XM's were built with Hydractive 3 in 2000 before production ended and was subsequently fitted to the C5 as well as the C6 so is well proven.

However given the sales volumes, maybe it wasn't economically viable to 'tune' it for UK roads
Wed Jun 26 2013, 09:27am
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With C5 there was a mix of consepts: they called it Hydractive 3 even if it was noe real hydractive (=no extra spheres that gave variable suspension properties), You had to look for the "sport" button for suspension to make sure it was real Hydractive (probably the called it Hydractive 3+). I guess all C6 have real Hydractive, but not all have AMVAR intelligent schock absorbing. With Hydractive 3 they also start using automatic changing of the haight according to speed and road. The C6 with all the goodies really is relaxed super-comfort with safe and precise handling at high speed !
Wed Jun 26 2013, 11:24am
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Not really sure why people always comment on the poor quality of the interior.

I, for one, think it's superb. Much nicer than the corresponding Audi or BMW which feel like an office booth in comparison. OK the centre console isn't massively attractive, but let's face it, it was designed a long time before it was produced and should be compared with cars from the same time.

EVERY time someone gets into the 6 they are amazed by the interior. It's the thing people mention the most. The quality of the plastics I find exceptional, the seats are comfortable, OK a little Germanic, but the quality of the thick backed seats is brilliant.

I think it's great....
Wed Jun 26 2013, 11:59am
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I had an S80 - probably the most comfortable car I ever owned in terms of seats, ergonomics, ventilation etc - but the ride quality wasn't anything better than average - I ran if for 75,000 miles & it was still tight & fresh when I sold it on. The D5 diesel in its first 163 horsepower version was characterful, tuneful & frugal.

I agree that Big Citroens are about the suspension - if you like Big Citroens - which we do or we wouldnt be having this exchange. But what about teh wider public? do they care? I dont think they do. The first question I get asked about the car (After'What is it?')is usually 'Has it got that weird suspension that goes up & down like the old ones?' Not, you'll notice 'Has it got that superb modern system with its potential for outstanding ride comfort etc'. The buying public associate it with a) weird - which commercially may not be great & b) old - a throw back. Perception.....

The point I was trying to make was that from a commercial point of view - i.e. selling more units - conventional may have been a less brave but wiser decision. Who knows we may now be drooling over the gorgeous new C6 replacement..... Incidentally, THE most comfortable car I EVER owned from the point of view of ride comfort was my NSU Ro80 - that had AMAZING ride quality period. Not great ride quality for a car esigned in the 60's - just GREAT ride quality - beter than the contemporary XJ6 which was much lauded.

And I'm not damning the interior - love the seat design & the door bins, the HUD, etc etc - but its not a patch on the linage concept. Yes I know it was a concept - but money saved on the complex, relatively low volume & therefore expensive suspension solution could have gone to a 'bespoke' interior that - even if a pale imitation of the concept cars interior, would have put the Germans, Lexus, Jaguar & Range Rover to shame.
Sat Aug 17 2013, 01:34pm
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Hello. New here. Not a C6 owner, but contemplating.

First, C6Dave, thanks for posting the picture. I remember when I first saw the C6 Concept it generated that "I've got to have one of those." It just looked exquisite and captures the Citroën magic. Part of the appeal was that slickly incorporated dual chevron grille which was later used across the Citroen range. I loved the rear lights of the concept.

I remember when I first saw the C6 production version, it was "Hm, interesting how they took away the styling finesse that made the concept so seductive." I had to go back and check what they had done to make it appear more ordinary. Part of that reaction I had, was definitely that they made the rear lights clumsy looking.

I also way prefer the front section of the Concept, with a dual "pontoon" look, where the headlights are just so discretely integrated, and the bonnet looks majestic and expansive. There are other details, such as that glass roof, and the rear doors that make me prefer the Concept.

In general I prefer outlandish ideas and designs. I've got a Pluriel, one of the few cars where the production model design was better than the concept, btw. All that said, I'm still considering a C6.

To answer your question, no, I don't think it would have sold any better, because the price would have had to be higher. Who knows, though?
Sat Aug 17 2013, 01:42pm
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dsharples wrote ...

Some interesting comments here. Citroen's history with big cars is littered with early problems damaging reputations, and then later cars being absolutely superb, but then failing to sell. The XM was a classic example of this. So the motor trade now just assumes all big french cars will be brittle, and values them accordingly, based in its perceived view of demand for a large, brittle car that will be expensive to maintain..

I agree. I know the C5 still has trouble with the rear breaks freezing, as in getting stuck, in very cold climates.

Today problems such as these are suicidal to the brand. On the other hand, some other strong brands also have serious quality problems, Audi being one, which seemingly are accepted and they still are seen as German and hence "quality" cars.
Wed Sep 04 2013, 07:35am
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What might have been...
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Wed Sep 04 2013, 09:58am
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Julian, yes these are an interesting set, aren't they. The first thing to note is that the final/ definitive C6 design was penned in 1998, when the world was quite a different place. Second, I think some of the designs, notably that of Heuliez, either were influenced by other Citroen cars, or influenced those to come (I am particularly thinking of the original C5). I rather like the Ital Design at the top of the screen which included rear wheel arch spats (regulars will know that I have a predeliction for those) and the two side light internal design alternative which is the 4th one down on the left. The final choice wasn't too bad, though, was it?
Thu Sep 05 2013, 06:50am
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As a confirmed Citroeniste, I think that the C6 embodies the DNA of the upper echelons of the marque back to the Onze Normale. The other iterations (by Heulíez et al) look dated, to me. And personally Í hate the Ítal Desígn spats- they looked good on a Fiat....My opinion, only.

Fri Sep 06 2013, 03:32pm
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I really like the Pininfarina proposal
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