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How to carry out an oil and filter change on a C6 2.7 HDi
So I set out today to the parts shops to source my filters and oil,

I got my oil 6L of Eurol 10W- 40 lovely and a oil filer Mahle OX205/2d that was €32 from Ashgrove interparts and i got Mahle Lx2788 air and Mahle LAK 232 pollen filters @ €50 from Autocare

So €82 and a trip to town 5 miles away.

First off i used my pit , (if you dont have a pit i would buy some ramps from Halfords and use the high suspension settings, that would get you good hight to get underneath the car). - Click Here -

Next i open the 12 studs that hold on the sump cover, (i like these studs as the half turn out and push straight in and lock)

I found a 24mm socket to fit the sump plug and with cut open oil container ready to catch the oil. I unscrewed the plug and let the waste oil free to drain away.

Next job to remove the oil filter, located in the middle back of the engine bay, i used a 74mm wrench to undue it slowly , when it got free and loose, i cover the engine with plastic covers and cloths to catch any dips,

With an other container cut open to catch the filter and its oil drips , i quickly lifted up and out he filter and caught most of the drips and place in the container to the side.. i fitted the new filter into the housing base as the its a little outlet with a O ring on it, it had to be place into its hole,

I changed the flat ring on the filter housing and gave it a clean before popping it back on to the new filter and screwed it home , i gave it a small tighten with the wrench because it has a torque stetting and i only used just enough for it to be tight.

Next job back under and refit the sump plug and tighten and clean around the plug and bottom of the whole sump and various other bits that might be dirty, refit the sump dirt cover and pin the studs back into place.

I poured the 5L of oil into the oil filler, knowing its take 5.5- 5.6 , i started the engine to circulate the oil an fill the oil filter, after a minute running i shut it down and rechecked the dip stick to see the oil level i top it up with 600ml more and it came full to the high level.

Next job it the Air filter. right front off the engine bay is a black box wit h2 large pipes going into it, this is the air filter cover.

Then undo the 4 Philips head screws from the sides, unplug the 2 air mass elect. plugs from both air mass meters. undo the 2 air mass pipe cir-clips and there is 2 vacuum pipes near the front mass meter plug to slip off.

The housing will now lift up and out , remove the pink/orange filter and dispose, replace with the new filter in reverse actions and refit the housing and plugs in the reverse order, making sure all screws and plugs are fitted and tight.

Now once you have rechecked all components you were in contact with , Happy days you have completed the major part of your (full) service.

I have yet to install the pollen filter because i have very good air flow and the cabin does not steam up on a rainy day. anyway if you remove the passenger kick panel th pollen housing its found up and to the center od the car, it should have a cover fixed by slides and same as others filters remove and renew the filter.

Now i have bored you all to death, i cant recommend enough, a ramp, or a pit, to do the job. They are level too.

My brakes are fine i had a look at the meat on them, fine for a while, my other fluid levels are good to on the visual check.

Now it took 4hrs from leaving the house to get parts to taking for a test drive, i spend €82 and a local web site mycarservice.ie wants €278 for the same thing. my car is out of warranty so i did the work and saved about €196.

I am a Electrician by trade and i reckon i would be better at the service than a 2ND year apprentice employed by main dealers to do your car.

Well i hope one off you took some new from this. chat soon . B with a healthy c6
You may also want to change the fuel filter on a regular basis and there is a 'How To' here - Click Here -

For those wanting to use genuine OEM parts (or make sure they get compatible ones) the relevant Citroen Part numbers are:

Oil Filter: 1109 X8
Air Filter: 1444 QA
Fuel Filter: 1901 86
Pollen Filter: 6447 TC

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Info Created: 23 March 2010
Last Updated: 29 October 2011