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Tyre Type and Pressures?
Your Tyre Type and Pressures along with other codes are on a sticker by the hinges of the driver's door,

From Michelin you can look up any car.

C6 2.2 HDi

C6 2.7 HDi

C6 3.0 HDi

C6 3.0 Petrol

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FAQ Posted by C6Dave
Info Created: 15 October 2009
Last Updated: 18 December 2015
Tyre Type and Pressures? tonyrome 26 November 2009 Reply

It's interesting to see that Michelin recommends 35PSI for both standard and speed/load, whereas the label inside the door of my car clearly states 2.4 BAR (34.8) standard but 2.6 BAR (37.7) for laden. Pity they couldn't agree! Any thoughts on whether Citroen's or Michelin's figures should be used?

Tyre Type and Pressures? C6Dave 26 November 2009 Reply

I would always go with what is on the door pillar as that reflects the wheel/tyre combo that Citroen know they fitted and there engineers agreed on.

Tyre Type and Pressures? michaelb 26 November 2009 Reply

Whoever owned my car before me obviously ran them over-inflated as he's managed to burn through the centres while the outers still have plenty of meat on them.

That, or he was constantly doing wheelspins (centrifugal force wears the centres more when wheelspinning).

I will be getting new ones soon and I'll be monitoring pressures very carefully to see which is best.

Tyre Type and Pressures? C6Dave 26 November 2009 Reply

Looking at the technical guide - Click Here - and other documentation it would appear that the tyre pressure monitoring system has to be set up by the dealers using Lexia/Proxia to match the tyre to the cars plated PSi

The tyres have to be over inflated for high speed autobahn driving over 180 Km/h (112 mph)

Tyre Type and Pressures? tonyrome 26 November 2009 Reply

Michael, I had the same problem of wear in the centres on my 166, which is why I was wondering about the 2.4/2.6 BAR issue with the C6. Michelin tyres are far too expensive to be worn out prematurely due to over-inflation!

Dave, should the tyres be inflated to the 'load' rating of 2.6 BAR for high speed Autobahn driving?

Tyre Type and Pressures? C6Dave 26 November 2009 Reply

It actually states:

Case of high speed

When travelling at high speed, the user is obliged to modify the tyre pressures in accordance with the value "loaded high speed pressure" (refer to the pressure section of the handbook and the tyre pressure label) .

To avoid having tyre pressures which do not conform to the vehicle speed, when the threshold speed (180 km/h) is exceeded, the driver is warned by a bleep . a warning on the multifunction screen indicates "high speed, check that the tyre pressure is appropriate".

The warning is only given once, when the threshold speed is exceeded for the first time, even if the driver's speed varies above and below this threshold speed.

N.B.: The driver is warned of the pressure adjustment to be made, even if the pressure has been modified in advance by the user .

Tyre Type and Pressures? tonyrome 27 November 2009 Reply

OK, thanks for the clarification, Dave. I am currently using winter tyres, which are only rated for use up to 210km/h and I keep the speed down to max 160-180km/h during the winter anyway.

However, I had my C6 up to 230km/h when running on the summer tyres a couple of months back, so it's useful to know. Fortunately, I had those tyres inflated to the 'load' rating at the time, which is as required, according to the above excerpt.

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