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By its nature, the car is fairly exclusive as it was built in limited numbers in the same factory in Rennes where Citroën built the XM .

Production of ALL variants of the C6 ended 19th December 2012, a sad day for fans of big Citroën's

Statistics for August 2012 showed 906 C6's had actually been registered for use in the UK in total, with only 36 of those being fitted with the newer 3.0 HDi engine (one has already been 'written off' in an accident and broken for parts, 2 have been 'exported') and with a handful of others going the same way, means there are now less than 634 Right Hand Drive C6's still around here in the UK (either registered in use or on 'SORN' as of August 2017), so you won't see many on the road. It used to compete in a tough sector of the market for sales amongst the 'Badge Conscious' car buying public and only Citroën enthusiasts see the real potential in the car.

3.0 HDiUsed, it offers a luxury car and all that comes with that, at less than family car prices and has a lot of Citroën's 90 years of technical innovation incorporated, including the famed Hydractive 3+ Suspension, but they can be expensive to maintain.

The Citroën C6 is a true enthusiasts car and is very underrated and will become a future classic which is one of the reasons for this site. To help and support all those that are interested in 'big' Citroën's.

You can find out more about the Citroën C6 here: - Click Here -

User Registration is required to post on, or download from, the site (top right of this page or - Click Here - ) and content is being added on a regular basis including quick facts and a technical document archive. Some parts of the site though are and will, remain restricted to a 'Private Member' class, admission to which, is at the Site Administrator's discretion.

C6 Premier Membership DetailsPremier Membership is granted to all those that Donate to the upkeep and other costs associated with C6owners and can result in some large savings on Parts and Accessories for your Citroen.

Donations also help to keep this valuable resource alive for other owners and will help to maintain the C6 and keep them on the road for future generations to enjoy.

Take a look to see what is available: - Click Here -

Last revision: August 2017
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Autotrader and the Citroen C6

Sometime ago I was asked to participate in a project caller "Used Car Heroes" with Autotrader and here is the result of that review: - Click Here -

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